The eSSIF-Lab Project

The European Self-Sovereign Identity Lab (eSSIF-Lab) views itself as an ecosystem of parties that work together to make existing (and new) Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology into a scalable and interoperable infrastructure that businesses can use very easily for conducting (business) transactions with other businesses and individuals alike.

It has been started as one of the NGI projects of the European commission.

The eSSIF-Lab project seeks to fund (EU) SME's that want to contribute to the eSSIF-Lab vision by

  • making open-source technologcal components available that may be considered part of an (e)SSI(F-Lab) infrastructure (comparable with the roads/highways of various kinds). Such an infrastructure must remain business-agnostic, be interoperable with technologies of others (also outside eSSIF-Lab), and scalable. Typically, infrastructural components facilitate business applications to make use of SSI technologies. See the infrastructure open call for details.
  • making open-source technological components available that are not necessarily part of the infrastructure, but extend it to provide value for businesses that want to connect to such infrastructure (comparable with driveways, that connect parking lots or garages to a road). Examples include components that implement e.g. eIDAS signing, credential revocation mechanisms, or credential catalogues. In this call, funding must also be used to demonstrate the business value of the contribution. The call for these kinds of contributions has passed.
  • making a technological project that actually uses the components that are produced in the aforementioned calls, and demonstrates that a business can be made with that. Such projects typically validate the infrastructural components and its extensions. The call for such contributions is expected to launch in late spring 2021.

One of the overarching activities in eSSIF-Lab is the design, maintenance and validation of its framework, which currently consists of documents that describe:

For interop purposes, we also maintain a page related to SSI standards.


This site is part of the eSSIF-Lab project that has received funding from the [European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme] under grant agreement Nº 871932.