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Short Description

A Dictionary is an alphabetically sorted list of terms and explanations. Each term may have multiple such explanations, which come from different scopes/contexts.

The terminology pattern provides an overview of how this concept fits in with related concepts.


A dictionary helps people to get introduced in the domain for which the dictionary is created. Usually, this is a larger domain e.g. of some language, or about computer security.


an alphabetical list of words or phrases with possibly multiple, short explanations, that exists for the purpose of helping people to find out what a word may mean in various scopes/contexts.


Examples include the NIST Computer Security Resource Center, Merriam-Webster.

Related Concepts

  • Glossary - this is a list of words with a single meaning, that serves more specific purposes than a dictionary.
  • Vocabulary - this is a set of familiar words witin a particular/persons's language or field of expertise. A Dictionary can provide the various meanings of each such words.




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