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Short Description

An Owner is a role that a party performs when it is exercizing its legal, rightful or natural title to control some entity.

We interpret 'legal' and 'rightful' as terms that apply to any jurisdiction (that is: not just legal/national jurisdictions, but also those of other organizations (parties).

We take 'natural' as a title that is provided by nature, as in 'the owner of an assertion'.

For futher details, see ownership.


The ability to distinguish between (non)owners of an entity enables one to identify the party and the duties (and rights) it has regarding the owned. One may want to do so either to establish whether or not the owned entity, e.g. if it is an actor, can be trusted to behave according to its owner's policies. Or, one may want to do this in order to settle a dispute it has.


A party is said to be the owner of some (legal) entity in some jurisdiction if and only if an ownership relation exists with that jurisdiction.

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