Scope of Control


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Short Description

A Scope of Control (of a Party) is the extent of the area or subject matter (as in OED that the party controls. One might say that the party is 'sovereign' or 'autonomous' within its scope of control.

A party that can also control (the behaviour of agents of) other parties can be referred to as a jurisdiction (see also the jurisdiction pattern).


Knowing the Scope of Control (of a Party) helps other parties as well as the party itself to determine what (not) to expect of that party.


Help wanted

Suggestions for criteria are welcomed.


  • The scope of control of a nation's government is typically limited by the physical area of the nation and the behaviors that actors and parties may exhibit there.
  • The scope of control of an individual is limited by what it can do by him/herself, and the rights and duties that it has been assigned in or by some jurisdiction.